Over 50,000 business around the world trust ​SWARN JAL (Smart H2O Gadgets)

No Disturbance

Since the device utilizes a single indicator for various warnings and levels, it eliminates the need for multiple LEDs or conspicuous lights that might disturb users at night.

Intelligent Operation

The device only displays stable water levels, filters out minor fluctuations, preventing false alarms and unwanted notifications. The device ensures users aren't bothered by irrelevant information.

Independent Wireless Solution

Our wireless water level indicator/controller eliminates the need for complex wiring. No transmission cables, Wi-Fi, internet, subscriptions, or SIM cards are required.

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Reserve Water Alarm

User receives low-level warning beeps when the water level drops below the reserve level.

Low Battery Warning

When the device's battery is about to run out, it will emit a short beep every 2 hours as a warning.

Battery Operated and Shock Proof

Runs on 3V using two commonly available AA batteries, such as Duracell (clock cells).


Our wired devices cost nearly half as much as other devices available on the market, and installation is even more affordable. This is because our unique technology allows us to display four water level indicators using only two wires. No other company offers this innovative solution.

Indication of Wire Breakage & Incorrect connection

A violet color indicates a broken transmission cable. A red color indicates a polarity issue or an improperly connected cable.

 Our Motto “प्रयोग जल : सदृश स्वर्ण”  

In English, pronounced as “Prayog Jal: Sadrish Swarna” is Sanskrit term which means “Use Water in a way: Such as it keeps gold properties”

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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. This is why we are getting incredibly high satisfaction ratings from our customers in such a short period of time.

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We make Elegant and high-quality products. Every minor component used in the devices are made of top-class quality. That's why our devices last Very Long.

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